The Wanderer


Bitterroot Builds is proud to offer the versatile Wanderer build package! This build offers everything you need to start your weekend adventures. With a powerful battery system, you will have plenty of power to run your refrigerator, lights, USBs, inverter, and whatever appliances you want to run under 2000watts. With an open storage layout you will have plenty of room to haul all of your toys! The fixed bed is placed 37 inches off of the floor to accommodate almost any bike. (This build price does not include insulation or wall and ceiling panels they can be added to the package for an additional $7,500) 


Build specs:

  • Everything is framed with 80/20

  • 1 Kitchen galley 

  • 2 Overhead Cabinets 

  • 1 electrical box with storage 

  • 1 water box with storage

  • Stainless steel rivoti sink

  • small bench with upholstered seat 

  • battery/storage box

  • Butcher block countertop

  • 20 gallon fresh water tank

  • 6 gallon jerry can grey water/ and direct to outside drain.

  • Water Pump 3 GPM Sureflo

  • 300amp hour Lithium battery

  • 2000w inverter 

  • renogy dc to dc charge controller alternator charging

  • 200W solar system 

  • Renogy battery monitor

  • Main cabin LEDs with dimmer switch

  • 8 USB outlets

  • 8 Standard US outlets connected to GFCI breaker

  • Master off switch

  • Refrigerator, Isotherm 85 Elegance, 3 cubic ft.  model number CR85EL

  • outdoor shower 

  • 73” x 68“  bed with 3” foam mattress


For any questions you may have please contact

 Ian Brown 801-707-4839 or Ben Sharp 801-580-7087